Marathon & Relay

Sunday – 10.19.14MM - Mayo - 2013

8:00 a.m. START at Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Race Start Time: 8:00 am at Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus Parking Lot. Finish is downtown on Riverfront Drive near the Verizon Wireless Center.

Registration Limit: 1,500 participants

The course is certified and USATF sanctioned. The marathon race times can be used to qualify for Boston’s Marathon.

Important Information

Packet pick-up is recommended at the Sport & Health Expo on Saturday. No race day registration.You are allowed, if necessary, to pick up your packet near the start line at the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus from 6:10 am to 7:15 am. on Sunday.

This race is Champion Chip timed by Final Time. Results will be posted on Final Time and on the results page. You can go to Final Time via Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Mankato Free Press on Monday, October 20 for a listing of race results.

Official time for the marathon will be kept until 2:15 pm. Please email the race director if you feel that you will be unable to complete the marathon in this time period.

Download the Mankato Marathon Map

Pacing Assistance

Minnesota Pacers will carry signs to lead groups to the finish line to reach specific goals. Feel free to stop by the Minnesota Pacers booth at the Scheels & Under Armour Sport & Health Expo or at the start line and sign up for free. The Pacers will be handing out pace bands to runners at the expo as well. The Minnesota Pacers Pace Team is comprised of locally talented runners who have been carefully chosen based on their recent successes in marathons. Let them guide you to the finish line on race morning.

Full Marathon pace groups for the following time goals:

3:15 (7:26/mile) 4:15 (9:32/mile)
3:25 (7:49/mile) 4:30 (10:18/mile)
3:35 (8:12/mile) 5:00 (11:27/mile)
3:45 (8:35/mile)
4:00 (9:10/mile)


Beginning 30 minutes before the race, the official pace team will be lined up at the starting line according to pace. The pacers will make all last minute instructions to their group at the starting line.

Sam Ryder is the MN Pacers Pace Team leader and to email him at for any pacer related questions or comments from runners.

Headphone Policy

Participants are allowed to use headphones and similar devices at this event, but at their own risk.  With this said, for the safety of all the participants, we strongly encourage a headphone free environment at this race. Participants safety is Final Stretch’s highest priority when managing a race. Therefore, if you are wearing headphones or similar devices during the event, please turn them off or remove them when coming to an intersection that is monitored by police or course marshals. They are trying to make this event safe for you and need to communicate to all participants valuable information. Thank you for your cooperation in advance for making this event a safe and enjoyable race for everyone.

Race Goodies

Each finishing participant will receive a high quality long-sleeve technical shirt. Shirts for the Marathoners are special since they will have a special design with the words FINISHER on them. All marathoners must finish the event to get a shirt. Shirts will be given to marathoners at the end of the run.

Each marathon and relay participant will receive a medal when they cross the finish line.

Each marathon and relay participant will receive a race goodie bag with valuable coupons and samples of great products.


Mayo Race BagMarathon, Half Marathon, first runner on Relay Team and 10K runners will be able to check their belongings on race day at the start line. At packet pick up, runners will receive their official Mayo Clinic Health System Drop Bag (same as goodie bag) as well as a bag label which corresponds to your bib number. Before your race attach the bag label to your bag and fill the bag with your warm-up clothes. There will be a bag drop area near the start line to drop your clothes and gear prior to the race.  Items must be in your Mayo Clinic Health System Drop Bag. NO OTHER BAGS ALLOWED. You can pick up your bag in the runner’s corral at the end of your race. You must show your race number to get your gear back.

We ask that no valuable or fragile items be left in your gear. This drop area is for only gear and there is no guarantee on your items. We do not accept responsibility for loss or theft. Any items left unattended at the starting line and/or finish line for the 10K, relay, half or marathon will be picked up and donated to a local charity.


With the tragic events that occurred in Boston, we are taking as many precautionary steps as we can to keep the Mankato Marathon safe for everyone involved.   With that, we have a couple of important things for you the participants to note:

1.     ALL UNNATTENDED BAGS left anywhere on the grounds will be confiscated.

2.     The Runner Bag Drop will be heavily monitored, and all Mayo bags used for the Runner Bag drop are subject to search.

3.     ONLY Mayo bags which participants receive at packet pickup will be allowed into the Runner Bag Drop. 

4.     The Runner Bag Drop is ONLY for 10K, Half and Full Marathon Participants.

We are looking forward to a safe event for everyone!

Marathon Awards

Overall Awards:

Overall Awards for Male and Female in the marathon and half marathon will receive a cash prize of the following:

1st Place – $250
2nd Place – $100
3rd Place – $50

Overall winners for the men’s and women’s marathon and half marathon will also receive a trophy, a medal, i-gogs sunglasses and a Mankato Marathon print. If you are an overall cash prize winner, you are not eligible to receive an age category medal. Overall winners are determined by Gun Time and not by Chip Time.

MARATHON Age Category Awards:

1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place for Males and Females in the following age categories

19 & Under
20 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
60 – 69
70 and up

Age category winners will receive a medal.

Relay Awards

Overall Awards:

For all Female Teams, All Male Teams and Co-Ed Teams

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Overall winners for the Relay will receive a medal and Mankato Marathon Print. Relay runners are not eligible for cash prizes. Overall winners are determined by Gun Time and not by Chip Time.

Legacy Runners

Starting in 2014, runners who have completed all five consecutive Mankato Marathons are eligible to be in the Mankato Marathon Legacy Runner program.

Legacy Runners will receive a special, unique bib for the 2014 Mankato Marathon, have special acknowledgment in the 2014 Mankato Marathon Activities Guide and on the Mankato Marathon website, and acknowledgment at the 2014 Scheels & Under Armour Sport and Health Expo. Runners who complete the 2014 Mankato Marathon receive a unique clothing item and 2014 Commemorative Print as well.

The Legacy Runners program is limited to runners of the full marathon. To find out more contact Paige Schuette at

Full listing of runners eligible to be included in the 2014 Legacy Runner program. Go>


Relay Marathon Logistics

The relay marathon is different than a normal marathon in that instead of one person running the entire 26.2 miles, you have four runners running a leg of the 26.2 miles. The course will be broken into 4 sections.  Each section will be approximately 6.6 miles long.  At the end of each leg of the race, there will be an exchange zone.  The person running will come into the exchange zone and transfer the timing chip from the current runner to the new runner.  The new runner will then exit the exchange zone and begin their section of the event.  Please remember to keep the chip strapped to each runners leg or you will not get an official time!

There are three exchange zones:

Exchange Zone 1: ~6.74 miles, Water Stop #3 on County Road 41 and 199th Street.

Exchange Zone 2: ~13.2 miles, Water Stop #6 on Stadium Road between Pohl Road and Heron Drive

Exchange Zone 3: ~19.78 miles, Waterstop on the corner of County Road 90 and Highway 66 out near Mount Kato

If you are only a team of two and you each want to run two sections of the event, this is allowed but there are no awards for teams of two.  When you fill out the registration forms, just put your names in twice for the four different sections.

Bus pickup for the exchange zones is on the corner of 2nd Street and Hickory in the US Bank parking lot near the ATM machines.  The busses will be marked with the exchange zone they are going to and from. There will be busses leaving from the finish line area and taking all the runners to and from the exchange zones.  These busses will be in the same location as the busses that took the initial runners to the start line.

The course map will have the exchange zones marked on the map.  Each runner can either take the bus to the exchange zone or have a friend drop them off.  It is very important to remember that if you are dropping a runner off at the exchange zone, stay out of the runners way and stay out of the busses way.  Time is very important to the busses.

Award medals will be given to the top three places in each of the following categories: All Female, All Male and Co-ed.

Start Line Logistics

Parking/Shuttle Buses
Runners are required to either get dropped off at the start line at Minnesota State University, Mankato campus OR park in downtown Mankato and take the shuttle buses from the Verizon Wireless Center to the start line. Buses will take people from the Verizon Wireless Center to the start line at Minnesota State University, Mankato from 6:00 to 7:05 a.m. The shuttle buses are for runners only, they will not return to the Verizon Wireless Center after the race begins.

Parking at the finish near the Verizon Wireless Center
There is plenty of parking in the City Center that is around and within walking distance of the Verizon Wireless Center. Parking is also available in nearby parking ramps and on-street parking. Please see the map below to find parking locations that are available to you. Runners and family members will not be allowed access to the downtown parking ramp via the alley. Parking ramp access for runners is allowed only on the south entrance.

Download a map of the City Center parking ramps.

Start Line
The start lines for all races (10K, Relay, Half and Marathon) are located in the parking lots of the Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus. The parking lots are located on the southwest corner of Stadium Road and Monks Avenue. If you are dropping your runner off, please remember that you will be able to park in these lots on the north half but not on the south half. The actual start lines are in the middle of these lots. All 10K runners will start at 7:30 am. All Relay, Half and Full Marathon runners will start together at 8 am.

Start Line Map


Aid Stations

  • Mile 2.4 = Water, ice, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 4.7 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 6.8 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 8.9 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support, Carbos
  • Mile 11 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, Carbos, portable toilets and Medical Support, Hammer Gels
  • Mile 13.3 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 15.5 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 17.8 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, Carbos, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 19.8 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, Fruit, portable toilets and Medical Support, Hammer Gels
  • Mile 21.8 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support, Fruit
  • Mile 22.8 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 24 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support
  • Mile 25.4 = Water, ice, Sports Drink, portable toilets and Medical Support

The exact mileages are subject to change. The sports drink at the aid stations will be varying flavors of Gatorade.

Medical Personnel and Aid Stations
There are 12 medical aid stations along the marathon course and a medical field station at the finish. They are marked on the map with a first aid symbol. For medical assistance along the course, look for personnel in the red shirts, they will be available to assist you.

Marathon Personnel
Communication personnel and head course marshals will have radios and phones to contact emergency personnel quickly. All official marathon committee members will also be available.

Police Officers
Officers will be located at all major intersections where traffic intersects the course. They will also be patrolling the course. Please keep in mind this is not a closed course. You must still follow the rules of the road.