Mankato Marathon running shoes

Ten years ago I ran my first marathon, Grandma’s in Duluth. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer with a median survival of five years in those days. After the initial shock, I put the Boston Marathon on my bucket list. By the time I finished Boston, my family and I had run marathons in three states. It was fun, so we just kept going. Soon we were up to several marathons a year.

Mankato Marathon Nutrition

Training for any sporting event takes dedication and focus. You must prepare your body for exertion and intense physical activity. Part of your training undoubtedly involves lifting and running. But to achieve the best results, it’s important to remember proper nutrition too.

Mankato Marathon Cross Training

When training for a running race, doing it the right way is essential for reducing injury, increasing running efficiency and improving your endurance. One of the best things you can do to prepare for race day is to cross-train. Cross-training is an exercise regimen that uses a variety of exercises to enhance overall performance.

Here are a few techniques that, when implemented into a cross-training routine, will help you prepare for your race:

Mankato Marathon Designing Your Taper

An important piece of training that many new runners forget to calculate into their program is the taper. Taper is the reduction in training load before a competition in order to optimize performance on race day. In other words, the period of rest before race day to reduce the effects of muscle fatigue brought on by months of rigorous training.

Mankato Marathon Injury Prevention

Whether you’re a rookie runner or a seasoned veteran, injuries can occur at any time. Although there is no guaranteed way to prevent all aches and pains, there are certain steps you can take to provide your body with its best defense against pre-finish line peril.


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