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October 22, 2011

By: Nicole Borg

It’s hard to know if
there are two hundred people
here or two thousand. The giant
TV screens filled with runners
might make you believe it’s
a million. You can see
the starting line from your place
next to the pacesetter.

You strip off your athletic
pants and jacket—it is cold
now with the sun just up but it
won’t be for long. You turn
on your Garmin and let it place you
in the world—
Mankato, MN.



Beyond the Miles

BlogThe Mankato Marathon paired up with Mayo Clinic Health System to create a new blog that will provide tips for training, nutrition, injury prevention, recovery and other running-related subjects each month from a different Mayo Clinic Health System expert.

Read this month’s post by Mayo Clinic Health System’s Alyssa Baker – Designing your taper to maximize your potential on race day.

MSU Cheer Team 2011 cropped for web

18 Cheer Zones on the Marathon Course

Keep an eye out for a cheer zone nearly every two miles on the marathon course. Cheer zones are meant to inspire marathon runners, pump them up along the route and encourage them to the finish line. Go>

TJ cropped for web

Voice of the Mankato Marathon

TJ at speaker series 2011TJ from the Minnesota 93 morning show is the Voice of the Mankato Marathon. Running Mantra – “You are stronger than you seem” – Winnie the Pooh. Check out TJ on the microphone during the weekend events of the Mankato Marathon and on the race course.
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