Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota


Childrens MuseumThe Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota engages children, families and school groups in the joy of learning through the power of play. The Museum is filled with seven unique indoor galleries and outside learning environments. Various programs are also offered from arts and crafts to computer technology for all ages to encourage new ideas and support cognitive growth.

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Angi Proehl - Half Marathon
Running Mantra: "Keep Going" and "Nice & Easy"
Running Advice: Running is not easy, but it can be fun and fruitful if you treat your body and mind right. Get some decent shoes and socks, eat well and hydrate, find your groove (whether it is running with friends or alone), sign up for that 5k (or marathon), if you run, you're a runner, treat yourself, cross-train and HAVE FUN!

Jolinda Grabianowski - Half Marathon
Running Mantra: "When in doubt, run it out" and "The best way to find yourself is lose yourself in running"
Running Advice: Run your own race. Start where you want to finish.

Mark Iversen - Full Marathon
Running Mantra: Life's a marathon; run accordingly.
Running Advice: Never quit. Slow down if you have to, but keep at it. There are so many great benefits from running.

Tom Weigt - Bio Coming Soon!


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